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Mineração Curimbaba


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Sustainability » Curimbaba Foundation

Social responsibility has always been one of the mainstays of Mineração Curimbaba, which, since its inception, has endeavored to meet the social needs of Poços de Caldas and the surrounding region.
In order to become increasingly engaged in social development, in 2008, Sebastião Curimbaba created the Fundação Curimbaba, a social institution dedicated to assist social and cultural entities.

Fundação Curimbaba develops its activities in the Poços de Caldas area in partnership with other companies in the Curimbaba Group. Its activities contribute to the development of solutions for the needs of the country and to benefit society.

The proposals developed and supported focus on assistance to schools, hospitals, nursing homes, kindergartens and cultural movements. The Foundation makes grants to over 60 organizations, including:

  • ADEFIP - Associação dos deficientes físicos de Poços - Poços de Caldas / MG
  • Clínica da Alegria - Poços de Caldas/MG
  • Centro Comunitário Santa Cruz (Creche Casulo) - Caldas/MG
  • Casa de Passagem Nosso Lar - Poços de Caldas/MG
  • Casa da Criança - Campestre/MG
  • C.E.E.P. Sócio Cultural - Projeto Capoeira
  • Escola Municipal de Santa Rita de Caldas - Santa Rita de Caldas/MG
  • Hospital de Botelhos - Botelhos/MG
  • Feira Nacional do Livro de Poços de Caldas - Poços de Caldas/MG
  • Casa do Caminho -
  • SOS Amigos de Santa Casa - Poços de Caldas/MG
  • Vila Vicentina – Asilo de Caldas - Caldas/MG
  • Projeto Arco - Bandeira do Sul/MG
  • Escola Municipal Carmélia de Castro (Fazenda Souza Lima) - Poços de Caldas/MG