Mineração Curimbaba


Providing nutrients toImprove your Productivity

Company » Mission, Vision and Values


Provide industrialized minerals, fertilizers and high quality services with the efficient use of deposits and vertical integration, ensuring the long-term supply. Together with the business consolidation, it optimizes productivity and generates value to shareholders, customers, suppliers and employees in a sustainable way.


Being a Group globally recognized for the excellence of its products and services, self-sufficient in mineral deposits, and creating value in a sustainable and harmonic way.


  • Appreciate the entrepreneurial spirit, preserving business agility and flexibility, based on technical, ethical and transparent criteria;
  • Respect the environment through conscious and sustainable use of natural resources;
  • Appreciate its employees promoting their professional development and forming an effective management framework;
  • Enhance and promote continuous training and education in safety and health at work and quality of life;
  • Commitment oriented.